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Product / Tradecision® Product Information

The most important part of your job as a trader is to make right trading decisions.

You can jump back and forth between several software products trying to grasp the whole picture and make your mind OR you can use Tradecision to be able to combine all the insights into a single easily manageable decision flow and make your trading decisions correctly.

Wrong trading decisions cause you painful losses and frustrations.
All profits, all successful trades you have done were due to right trading decisions you have made.
Focus on correct trade decisions and constant profit will follow.
With Tradecision, you are well-equipped to avoid whipsaws, control risks and succeed constantly.

To make right trading decision about when and how to enter:
Start with global vision: do not use the same trading system in the middle of a strong bullish trend as in the beginning of volatile sideway use Tandem Studies or Elliott Waves to identify market phase.
Locate money-making opportunities use NeatScan.
See how the majority of market players see the picture: what stop-loss and profit target levels of a crowd are use Fibonacci techniques and simplistic trading systems based on a single popular technical indicator like MACD, PercentR or Stochastic.
Unlike the majority, see the price movements without noise use Noise Removal Tool and Ingenious Moving Average.
Measure risk and identify how much you can put on a stake this time use Money Management Editor to verify different scenarios.
Analyze clusters of support and resistance levels use Fibonacci Clusters.
Visually analyze different scenarios of future market developments, calculate technical indicators and apply strategies for future bars, see your potential profit and risk use Custom Bars.
Don’t use Neural Networks for direct prediction, this rarely helps, but use Neural Networks possibility to “see” non-linear dependencies human cannot pinpoint use Neural Networks as decision support tool to classify situations and possible scenarios.
If you feel special techniques on your fingertips, use them to get an edge. Only don’t overestimate them and use in proper situations for confirmation encode whatever you like with easy and flexible Improvian language or use pre-defined techniques like Hurst exponent or anything from continuously growing Tradecision library based on TASC contributions.
Correctly involve the most powerful analysis tool – your brain use Advanced Drawing Tools for visualization.
Help to shape your mind with special visualization use Auto-trends, Reversal Patterns.
Check new ideas and test your own strategies and money management rules with Strategy Builder.
Act immediately when decision is made use Intelligent Order Placement and Integrated Trading.
Now don’t simply wait for profit target reevaluate constantly.

Now your goal is the next trading decision – when and how to exit.
And Tradecision will help you to make it right.


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