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Control Your Price Data Easily

With Tradecision, you can easily receive and update the securities that you have been following. Furthermore, you can update your portfolio with a single click.

To find out about the data vendors Tradecision currently supports, visit the Tradecision Compatible Data Feeds page.

Tradecision's Data Manager is designed to help you collect and maintain market data. Its reliable tools give you the power to control your price data and help you greatly in handling your every-day data management tasks.
  • Built-in downloader provides a quick way of getting free end-of-day quotes from major US and International exchanges via Yahoo Finance and MSN Money data provider.
  • User-configurable ASCII import wizard allows you to read quotes stored on your local hard drive in the format of your choice. Data Manager is flexible enough to be able to import most of the date-based end-of-day price data from an ASCII file.
  • Getting accurate streaming data from the eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers data services enables you to look for profitable opportunities and analyze the current market conditions and trends.
  • Built-in MetaStock® database importer reads all stocks directly from your MetaStock database.
  • CSI Database Support
Exporting Symbol Data to ASCII files

You can export symbol price data to an ASCII or CSV (coma-separated values) files. These files can be directly read both by MS Excel and by trading software from other vendors.

Setting Up a Data Provider

Configuring Interactive Brokers

Configuring IQfeed in Tradecision

eSignal data in Tradecision
There is no need to configure the connection between Tradecision Data Manager and eSignal. As soon as you select eSignal as the primary data source for a symbol, the connection will be automatically established after you click Update or Start Streaming.
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