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Product / Product Information / Anti-Crisis Feature

Anti-Crisis Features
Lability Reversal
and Lability Retracement
Noise Removal
Lability Reversal and Lability Retracement
Stop Loss and Trailing Stop

In the current financial crisis, old patterns stop working, and the new ones come up.

We have investigated hundreds of techniques and arrived at the conclusion that trend reversal is of primary importance. That is why we could not passed it over in the current volatile markets.

With Tradecision, it is as easy as can be to deploy this significant technique and use it for free. You will become familiar with this feature in just one click. By generating only boolean output signal (0 or 1), technique is very simple and clear. Employ those indicators in a middle-term and long-term trading and be confident of success.

The following screenshots show how Tradecision's Lability Reversal and Lability Retracement functions can predict the moment of trend reversal.


Lability Reversal Up
We can see the uptrend of the IBM reverses into the downtrend in November, 2008. At that very moment the LabilityReversalUp indicator changes its value from 0 to 1 that means that trend is going to change its direction in the next few days. In December we receive a confirmation signal about the current market situation.


Lability Reversal Down
Similarly, the LabilityReversalDown indicator identifies the top of the uptrend of the Caterpillar Inc. in May, 2008 and changes its value from 0 to 1 on the next bar the reversal occurred.


Lability Retracement
A great illustration of LabilityRetracementDown usage. It is obvious the market is moving down during June 2007 - August 2008 at General Motors Corp. LabilityRetracementDown indicator provides signals about the price retracement by changing the value from 0 to 1.


Use Tradecision's Lability Reversal and Lability Retracement functions - be ready for unexpected change.

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